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5 Benefits of Shopping in Bulk

Shopping in bulk offers great value, convenience and less waste. The Bulk Is Green Council (BIG) is urging shoppers to engage shopping in bulk, along with markets around the world! Do you know that there is a week dedicated specially for shopping in bulk “National Bulk Foods Week” from October 16-22? Here are some of Bulk Supermarket’s reasons to shop in bulk

You can save your money!

BULK SIZES = BETTER SAVINGS. Buying unpackaged foods in bulk offers an average of 30 – 50% savings over normal packaged foods. This is due to the fact that you’re not paying for excess packaging and fancy branding, meaning that you’ll be spending less on your favourite goods.

Environmentally friendly option

Packaging elimination lowers carbon footprint. Less packaging means less would end up in the landfill. Bulk food also facilitates the transport needed for distribution and helps reduce CO2 emissions. According to BIG, every time a product is replenished from bulk versus the same product purchased in traditional packaging, there is an average emission reduction of 48%!

Less wastage of food

How many of us hate having to throw away foods, whether it's nuts or spices that have gone rancid or have gone way past their expiry date ... Shopping in bulk allows you to buy the exact quantities of food you want, as compared to the portions divided by the manufacturer. Whether you are just needing a spoonful or maybe looking to indulge in the whole pack, shopping in bulk helps you get exactly what you want.

Saves you time

Save your free time for the things that you actually enjoy. Your weekends and evenings should be spent on families and fun – not rushing on trips to stock up on your grocery essentials. Shopping in bulk will reduce the need for constant and unnecessary trips to the supermarket which translates to less time spent travelling for you. With Bulk Supermarket you can re-stock on all your essentials with just a few clicks and have them delivered to your door the very next day!

Never run out again

We understand it can be extremely frustrating when you are running out of an item that you are in desperate need of. With the recent outbreak of Covid-19, people are rushing to the shops to stock up on the essentials which is causing inconvenience for other shoppers, as shelves are left empty. Hygiene products are in particularly high demand as a result of the current situation, meaning that you could be waiting weeks for new stock to arrive. Shopping in bulk with Bulk Supermarket enables you to purchase a bulk order of the groceries, household and hygiene products in a single order which should last you for weeks at a time.

Bulk Supermarket offers incredible convenience, bulk selection, low prices and great service. Simply order online with just a few clicks and let us handle the rest. It's that simple!

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