6 Popular St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

6 Popular St. Patrick's Day Drinks

St. Patrick's Day is an Irish festival celebrated annually on March 17th. This day is not only celebrated in Ireland, but also across the globe, and is often associated with drinking, especially alcoholic beverages. There are numerous drinks that are popular for St. Patrick's Day celebrations, and in this blog post, we will explore some of the most popular ones.

  1. Guinness: Guinness is an Irish dry stout that has been brewed in Dublin since the late 1700s. It is a popular drink during St. Patrick's Day celebrations, and for good reason. This dark, rich beer has a creamy texture and a distinct roasted flavour that pairs well with traditional Irish dishes like corned beef and cabbage.
  2. Irish Whiskey: Irish whiskey is a type of whiskey that is distilled and matured in Ireland. It is made using malted barley, water, and yeast, and is known for its smooth, sweet taste. Irish whiskey can be enjoyed on its own, on the rocks, or mixed in a cocktail like Irish coffee.
  3. Irish Coffee: Irish coffee is a cocktail that is made by combining hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and whipped cream. It is a popular drink for St. Patrick's Day, and is often enjoyed as a dessert or after-dinner drink.
  4. Irish Car Bomb: The Irish Car Bomb is a popular St. Patrick's Day drink that is made by dropping a shot of Irish whiskey and Bailey's Irish Cream into a pint of Guinness. This drink is not for the faint of heart, as the shot is typically consumed quickly before the ingredients curdle.
  5. Shamrock Shake: The Shamrock Shake is a green, mint-flavoured milkshake that is sold by McDonald's in the United States during the month of March. While it is not a traditional Irish drink, it has become a popular St. Patrick's Day treat for those who do not drink alcohol.
  6. Ciders: Irish ciders are a popular alcoholic beverage in Ireland, and are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Irish ciders such as Magners and Bulmers are made from locally grown apples, and come in a range of styles, from dry to sweet. Some popular Irish cider brands include Magners, Bulmers, and Thatchers. Irish ciders are often served over ice, and pair well with traditional Irish dishes like shepherd's pie and bangers and mash. Whether enjoyed in a pub in Ireland or at a St. Patrick's Day celebration, Irish ciders offer a refreshing and delicious alternative to beer and whiskey.

In conclusion, there are numerous drinks that are popular for St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Whether you prefer beer, whiskey, cocktails, or milkshakes, there is a drink out there that is perfect for your St. Patrick's Day festivities. Just remember to drink responsibly and have fun! 

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