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Signs to know that you are dehydrated

An average human body consists of 60% of water. Dehydration happens when you lose excess of water from your body than you had taken in. Dehydration can be induced by an infection or, more generally, basic issues like not taking in enough water or other liquids on hot days or while doing exercise. Dehydration can lead to tiredness and can sometimes cause adverse effects.

With temperatures soaring to the zenith, we felt it was a perfect idea to look at the symptoms of dehydration. Here are some ways to tell you that you’re dehydrated, and you can take the necessary steps to stay cool all summer long.

The symptoms of dehydration

Remember the famous old quote “If you are thirsty, you are dehydrated”, adhere to that quote and drink water immediately if feel you thirsty. The best solution is to start consuming water or take drinks with electrolyte, as soon as you feel the thirst.

If you are out on a hot day or exercising a bit in the summertime, you make sure that you drink a good amount of water to stay hydrated. Alcohol and heavy caffeine intake will both induce dehydration, so ensure you ‘re consuming water between alcoholic or caffeinated beverages.

A study from the Connecticut University found that even very mild dehydration can affect the ability to think clearly, with frequent mood changes and lack of energy. If you are doing exercise without taking adequate amount of water it may lead to dizziness and muscle cramps, so it is highly recommended to take water at a regular interval when you are in a work out mode. 

Dehydration can derail you!

Dehydration may progress to headache or migraine, light-headedness or delirium, there have been instances of marathon runners running in a zigzag manner because of dehydration. When dehydration sets in you can often feel fatigued, dizziness or nausea because there is not enough water in the bloodstream to send to other body parts.

This, in turn, leads to heat exhaustion, and at that juncture, you are most probably prone to collapse if you don’t take water or stop whatever activity you are doing to cool down immediately. 

Water is vital to all of the biological functions we currently enjoy — such as controlling body temperature, lubricating muscles, sweating, maintaining the normal movement of the bowels and preserving the delicate tissue in the body. 

How much water should I consume on average per day?

While drinking 8 glasses of water per day is the standard estimate of requirement, it’s not the one fit solution for all. Age, body mass, the environment in which you live and degree of exercise all affect how much water you need.

  • For men, the recommended requirement of water is 3.7 litres (15.5 glasses) per day. 
  • For women, it is 2.7 litres (11.5 glasses) a day. 

If you feel that you are not a big fan of those numbers! Then consider taking some fresh fruits and leafy vegetables. The rest of the water comes from food and some beverages.

Tips to stay hydrated

  • Drink water before, during, and after your workouts.
  • Take fresh fruits and vegetables
  • There is always more than one way to get your daily water intake; 
  • Some special foods like watermelon, orange, lemon and spinach, consists of a high volume of water 
  • Fresh fruit juices and tender coconuts (if you are in a tropical clime) consists of electrolytes and nutrients that can keep you hydrated good. 

What to do if you are not a big fan of water?

Then you can go for caffeinated waters with less artificial flavours and fresh juices, as mentioned above can fit in the bill to your daily water intake. 

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